Members of the Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association welcome you to IAFF Local 548!
Press Release
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The Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association (RPFFA) is a 501c5 non-profit organization. Employees of Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association will be calling area residents with an offer to purchase concert tickets to the benefit concert. Callers will identify themselves as a representative of the RPFFA. All calls are scripted and will be recorded. Callers will not be representing or identifying themselves as City of Raleigh Fire Department personnel. The fundraising does not directly support, or affect the services provided by the City of Raleigh Fire Department.

The RPFFA representatives will not ask for payment over the phone and they do not accept credit cards or cash. The RPFFA prefers checks, but will accept PayPal upon request. Anyone agreeing to purchase tickets will receive a second phone call from the RPFFA's mailroom usually within 30 minutes after the original call to verify their purchase, mailing address and exact number of requested concert tickets. If the resident still wishes to purchase the tickets, the RPFFA will mail the concert tickets, accompanied by a thank you letter, a supporter sticker and a return envelope for remittance of their payment. The RPFFA works on the honor system and sends the tickets out before receiving payment.

During the month of December the RPFFA is committing its charitable contribution to assist the Women's Center of Wake County. The RPFFA is requesting area residents to join in support of the Women's Center of Wake County which has served the citizens of Wake County for 25 years.

Activities supported and funded by the Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association include:

Camp Celebrate
Aweekend camp for children ages seven to15 who have survived traumatic burn injuries. Activities include swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, along with an opportunity to meet other youth who share the experience of having been burned.

Support of Battered Women's Shelters
Throughout Wake County.

Fire Safety Coloring Book Program
Providing educational coloring books to second graders throughout Wake County, that to promote burn and fire safety awareness.

Smoke Detector Program
Provides smoke detectors to families who cannot afford them.

Support of Youth Athletics
To help keep youth off of the streets and to build character.

Dance Like No One Is Watching Gala
An annual prom for teens and adults of all ages who suffer from cognitive and physical impairments and/or life altering illnesses.

High Blood Pressure Checking Stations
Located at the Raleigh Salvation Army of Wake County.

Creative Awareness
For firefighter injuries, occupational illness, and the many hazards to which firefighters are exposed.

Financial Support
For the Salvation Army, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Jaycee Burn center at University of North Carolina Hospital.

Supporting Efforts
To improve benefits for firefighters injured during the performance of their duties.

Provide Gifts
For needy children during the holidays.

Programs To Create Awareness

For the safety of the public and firefighters.

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