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Fire Safety House
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The latest fire death figures show that nearly 5,000 Americans die in home fires annually. The vast majority of these fire victims are children and the elderly. Education is a powerful tool in fighting fires...and a potential life saver.
Enter the Fire Safety House, a mobile "classroom" featuring child-sized rooms, and real-life hazards - like smoke and heat. This creates the environment that provides children with the knowledge needed to prevent fires and the steps to follow if they find themselves in a fire situation. Combined with the best "know-how" in the RV industry along with the ideas and suggestions of fire and accident prevention specialists from across the nation. The result is the Fire Safety House.
A nontoxic Smoke System allows children to practice "crawling low" below smoke. The F-100 Performance Smoke Generator creates the safe smoke and the system is ducted throughout the structure. A Heated Door demonstrates the need to feel closed doors for heat before opening. A warm or "hot" door means that a fire is on the other side. A loglight Fireplace is the focal point of the living room. The living room is an ideal environment for group discussions on hazards common to this room of the House. An Escape Ladder is used to exit from the bedroom window. A fully equipped Kitchen, 911 Phone System and other safety related devices are installed in the vehicle. The Fire Safety House is not just limited to instructing fire prevention and home escape techniques... Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness, Stranger Awareness, Crime Prevention, Water Safety, First Aid Training and Baby-Sitter programs are a sampling of the additional curriculums that can be taught in this mobile classroom.

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